Friday, July 30, 2010

Tented Weddings

Simply Events did a recent guest blog entry for Four Seasons Tent Rental on {3 Reasons to Rent a Tent!} Although we love an indoor reception, tenting is great for those who really have a vision for their big day!  Read what we had to say below:
Weddings are clearly not what they used to be decades ago with cake and punch for the whole town to enjoy. They are intimate, personal, romantic, and customizable to your style. There are many ways to customize your ‘big day’ that truly radiates who you are and what you value together. One of the most important decisions when planning your special day is location, location, location – or in wedding lingo, your venue!

So many people opt in for the standard reception hall celebration where you have a limited amount of space to wow your guests.  However, choosing to entertain your closest friends and family in a totally customizable tent set up is sure to keep your guests raving about your wedding for years to come.  So, what’s so great about a tented wedding? Here are 3 great reasons: 

1. Blank Canvas – With a white tent you can let your imagination run wild with d├ęcor elements.  You don’t have to worry about your wedding colors clashing with the hideous red and green carpet or the unsightly wall colors.  You will have free reign on creating an intimate setting that directly represents who you are as a couple!

2. Flexibility – Since tents are mobile, you can accommodate any number of guests for your wedding. For instance, say you fall in love with a specific reception hall but it can only seat half of your guest list.  Is it fair to cut out half of the important people in your lives just to get the right space? We think not. However, if you choose to have a tented wedding, you can add as much square footage as you need in order to comfortably accommodate all of your guests.

3. Exclusivity – With a tent, you are guaranteed to be the only Bride & Groom at the party, unlike reception halls with several ballrooms.  Even though it is far fetched to imagine you are the only Bride & Groom getting married on that day, it’s nice to think so. Having a tent set up where there are no other weddings surrounding you, is a great way to ensure you will feel like the only ones on the planet!

Although there are many benefits to hosting your special day in a tent, these reasons will ensure that your wedding is unlike any other wedding that your friends and family has ever seen. Being able to create the celebration of your dreams, accommodate any number of guests, and feel like you are the only ones on earth is a priceless opportunity and it is your for the taking!

To learn how you can create a unique tented wedding that really showcases your personality, contact Simply Events today:

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