Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sweetheart Table

Although a head table with all the attendants is a long time standing tradition, more and more brides are moving to a sweetheart table at their reception. There are many factors that should go into making this seating arrangement decision; such as the number of guests, if your attendants have SO's at the reception, and how traditional you want the atmosphere of your wedding. So, why are more couples moving towards the new option of a sweetheart table?

A sweetheart table is a great way to allow everyone in your bridal party to be comfortable. How? Well think about it; with a head table, your attendants' significant others are usually out in the guest seating at the reception. Sometimes they may even be at a table where they know no one (this can be awkward!). With a sweetheart table, you and your hubby can spend dinner together while your attendants can spend the time with their dates.

A sweetheart table is also a great way to set up such an intimate space for you and your hubby. You will spend the whole day apart until you walk down that aisle (or see him at the 'first blush' if you choose to do so) and when you think about all the events that must take place after the wedding ceremony, you don't really get to spend that much time together. So, our advice, take the short hour (if you're that lucky) for dinner to just be newlyweds!

If you are having a lot of out of town guests or guests that you do not get to see that often, a sweetheart table is a plus. When you are finished eating dinner you and your husband can get up and mingle. This will allow you to chat with some friends and family that you do not get to see very often without leaving a head table setting. Think about how weird a head table looks when the Bride & Groom are not sitting at it! With a sweetheart table, you will not need to worry about leaving your attendants behind.

Lastly, a sweetheart table may save you money! Typically, a head table is set more elaborately than guest tables - better linens, skirting, and bigger centerpieces/floral arrangements. If you have a smaller round table set for two instead of 2 - 3 eight-foot banquet tables that are all decked out you will save hundreds of dollars!

Now, we are not saying that a sweetheart table is the end all be all - we just simply want to share our thoughts on how to create a more intimate, functional and economical setting for you and your husband.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the sweetheart table and invite you to share what kind of seating arrangement you had at your wedding and why!

To learn how you can incorporate a stunning sweetheart table into your big day, contact us today: Pin It

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