Thursday, September 9, 2010

Linens, Linens, Linens!

Specialty table linens are the perfect way to transform a regular space into a dramatic atmosphere at a reasonable price. At any event, the tables take up the most space and the influence of linens has a powerful impact on your guests as they enter the room. If you are having a large event and your budget does not allow you to have a dynamic linen on every table, you still have options - you can place a specialty linen on every-other table or even every-third table.  So, next time you plan an event, shy away from those standard white linens that have been seen before and WOW your guests with unexpected, innovative, and fun linens! 

Check out these photos to see just how much a simple linen and linen overlay transform this patio party!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Party Bash!

WOW Factor Overlays!
This past Saturday my family, friends and I did the impossible - we surprised my mom for her 50th birthday! Believe me when I say that it took A LOT of planning and I LOVED every minute of it!

Since she was born in 1960 I decided to go with a "Flower Power" theme. So I rented these amazing linen overlays called Kaleidoscope.  These were the WOW factor decor element! Trust me, everyone was talking about them!

Beverage Station
I rented three 5' round tables, one 6' banquet table, and 30 chairs from Four Seasons Tent Rental. The rounds provided just enough seating for our guests in addition to my mom's patio furniture. The banquet table was the perfect size for our beverage station setup! 

Tracy Bellman of Tres Belle Cakes is brilliant and created this "Flower Power" theme cake. Its design and taste were perfect for this birthday bash! The top layer was lemon with a coconut filling and the bottom layer was a chocolate chip with raspberry filling.

To personalize the event, I created two picture boards with photos of my mom from when she was young! You can see these in the 'beverage station' photo above the table. I also added photos on the cake table. 

I am a big fan of always using real flowers for events. So I bought these gerbera daisies and did a DIY floral arrangement! Now, I am no florist, but I think I pulled it off pretty well?! The weather on Saturday was perfect. However, we did get a few gusts of wind every now and then. So to keep the centerpieces from blowing over, I added decorative vase rocks to weigh them down. 
Use decorative rocks to weigh your centerpieces down

Overall, this was a very fun event to plan for!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer 2010 BridalRAMA

Last weekend I took part in one of the largest Ohio bridal showcases - BridalRAMA! I designed the Four Seasons Tent for this showcase and I helped 'man the booth' during the event on Sunday, August 15th! There were over 50 wedding vendors and hundreds of brides-to-be planning for their big day! Personally, I enjoy working bridal shows.  Even though most engaged women who attend these types of shows are DIY brides, I enjoy meeting them and informing them of my month-of-coordinating services.  Just because they are DIY brides does not relieve them of the 100% necessity of a day of coordinator! Someone to ensure that their vision is properly executed, someone who will work with vendors leaving the family stress free, and someone who is there - all day- to ensure everything goes smoothly! If you are in need of a month-of-coordinator (a.k.a. Day of Coordinator) visit our website at to learn more about our services!

Below are some pictures from the Four Seasons Tent I designed! Enjoy! :)

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Capturing the Moments!

Don't you wish you could capture those precious moments that happen when the professional photographer is not around?! The ones where a guest accidentally spills their drink or slips on the dance floor. The ones that allow you to remember what a great time everyone had. The ones that are taken when people least expect it! Well, you can!

Whether you are celebrating a marriage, a birthday party, or an anniversary, you can provide your guests with these cameras so that no moment is forgotten! We happen to love this idea!

What are your thoughts on this little piece of fun?! 

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tented Weddings

Simply Events did a recent guest blog entry for Four Seasons Tent Rental on {3 Reasons to Rent a Tent!} Although we love an indoor reception, tenting is great for those who really have a vision for their big day!  Read what we had to say below:
Weddings are clearly not what they used to be decades ago with cake and punch for the whole town to enjoy. They are intimate, personal, romantic, and customizable to your style. There are many ways to customize your ‘big day’ that truly radiates who you are and what you value together. One of the most important decisions when planning your special day is location, location, location – or in wedding lingo, your venue!

So many people opt in for the standard reception hall celebration where you have a limited amount of space to wow your guests.  However, choosing to entertain your closest friends and family in a totally customizable tent set up is sure to keep your guests raving about your wedding for years to come.  So, what’s so great about a tented wedding? Here are 3 great reasons: 

1. Blank Canvas – With a white tent you can let your imagination run wild with d├ęcor elements.  You don’t have to worry about your wedding colors clashing with the hideous red and green carpet or the unsightly wall colors.  You will have free reign on creating an intimate setting that directly represents who you are as a couple!

2. Flexibility – Since tents are mobile, you can accommodate any number of guests for your wedding. For instance, say you fall in love with a specific reception hall but it can only seat half of your guest list.  Is it fair to cut out half of the important people in your lives just to get the right space? We think not. However, if you choose to have a tented wedding, you can add as much square footage as you need in order to comfortably accommodate all of your guests.

3. Exclusivity – With a tent, you are guaranteed to be the only Bride & Groom at the party, unlike reception halls with several ballrooms.  Even though it is far fetched to imagine you are the only Bride & Groom getting married on that day, it’s nice to think so. Having a tent set up where there are no other weddings surrounding you, is a great way to ensure you will feel like the only ones on the planet!

Although there are many benefits to hosting your special day in a tent, these reasons will ensure that your wedding is unlike any other wedding that your friends and family has ever seen. Being able to create the celebration of your dreams, accommodate any number of guests, and feel like you are the only ones on earth is a priceless opportunity and it is your for the taking!

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The Sweetheart Table

Although a head table with all the attendants is a long time standing tradition, more and more brides are moving to a sweetheart table at their reception. There are many factors that should go into making this seating arrangement decision; such as the number of guests, if your attendants have SO's at the reception, and how traditional you want the atmosphere of your wedding. So, why are more couples moving towards the new option of a sweetheart table?

A sweetheart table is a great way to allow everyone in your bridal party to be comfortable. How? Well think about it; with a head table, your attendants' significant others are usually out in the guest seating at the reception. Sometimes they may even be at a table where they know no one (this can be awkward!). With a sweetheart table, you and your hubby can spend dinner together while your attendants can spend the time with their dates.

A sweetheart table is also a great way to set up such an intimate space for you and your hubby. You will spend the whole day apart until you walk down that aisle (or see him at the 'first blush' if you choose to do so) and when you think about all the events that must take place after the wedding ceremony, you don't really get to spend that much time together. So, our advice, take the short hour (if you're that lucky) for dinner to just be newlyweds!

If you are having a lot of out of town guests or guests that you do not get to see that often, a sweetheart table is a plus. When you are finished eating dinner you and your husband can get up and mingle. This will allow you to chat with some friends and family that you do not get to see very often without leaving a head table setting. Think about how weird a head table looks when the Bride & Groom are not sitting at it! With a sweetheart table, you will not need to worry about leaving your attendants behind.

Lastly, a sweetheart table may save you money! Typically, a head table is set more elaborately than guest tables - better linens, skirting, and bigger centerpieces/floral arrangements. If you have a smaller round table set for two instead of 2 - 3 eight-foot banquet tables that are all decked out you will save hundreds of dollars!

Now, we are not saying that a sweetheart table is the end all be all - we just simply want to share our thoughts on how to create a more intimate, functional and economical setting for you and your husband.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the sweetheart table and invite you to share what kind of seating arrangement you had at your wedding and why!

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I am a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a major in Business Management and minors in both Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.  I have planned everything from weddings to corporate functions and everything in between.  Special events planning is truly my passion and this can be seen through my meticulous and detailed planning skills.

I am a big believer in giving back to the community and I have been a volunteer event coordinator for many non-profit organizations including, The Childrens Home of Northern Kentucky, Brighton Center, and the Museum of Advertising.

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